Connect with the here & now.

Yello is the first location-based communication platform.

Be connected with what's happening around you.

No matter when or where you are, Yello shows you who is nearby, what conversations are being had and what events are taking place right around the corner.

Attending a large event?
Yello is perfect for communicating in real-time with other attendees.

Follow topics and interests.

Make new connections with people that share your interests and get notified when someone near you is talking about a specific topic.

Looking for a new hobby?
With Yello, you can quickly connect with other like-minded individuals and the best part is, they're right in your neighborhood.

Location, location, location.

Yello is not a social network. Social networks on average connect you to less than 5% of the people around you. Yello is the new platform for the most active, relevant and local conversation.

New in town?
Yello is the best place to get help or ask questions. Only the people in your area (who have the most context) will be able to answer.

The Yello app is coming soon!